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Hello everyone! and thank you for considering a photoshoot in the windy city!! This is an incredible city and we are just steps away from incredible spots, if you are around do not miss this opportunity, if you have any questions, please contact me via email, whatsapp or IG, I will be happy to clear all your questions.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested and we will be schedulling yours. Please consider the following details in order to fulfill your expectations:

  • Area to be consider is Millennial Park and streets around.

  • Sessions duration: 1 hr.     ( $ 150,00)   Up to 10 final photos to select to be developed and detailed.

  • DAYS:    Monday 24 of July 2.023

   Tuesday 25

   Wednesday 26 ,

   check with me for hours and availabilty.

  • Aditional hrs, could be available at aditional cost. ( $ 120,00) and 6 aditional final photos.

  • Payment is via PayPal and need to be done prior the shooting.

  • You will receive your PRE-Gallery 24 hrs after the shooting to pick your TOP 10 FAVS, those will be retouched and set to download in no more than 5 days, everything trought our server and web page.

  • We will be shooting not only with natural light unless with one softbox and stand.


Name *

Representative name (Minor)

Phone *

Email *

Instagram *

Day Prefered / Hour


Thank you !

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